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    Yeah! Saw it, very good, I think the Kakapo was called Sirocco.



    Terry, did you ever see the video clip of the Kakapo getting passionate with the cameraman on the Last Chance to See documentary series? It was very funny. Very neat parrots!!
    Forest and Bird does some great projects to restore native bird populations – we’re lucky they are working at reintroducing Kokako to the Waitakere Ranges near where I live.
    Some individuals and small groups do good work too.
    Flipping hard work, though.
    A visit to Codfish Island would be a treat, indeed.



    Although I love Butterflies best, I would love to see some of NZ rarer birds in the wild. I have followed online and TV most of the projects going on in NZ to save native birds I especially love the Kakapo, what a truly magnificent Parrot it is! How I would love permission to visit Codfish Island to see it.



    Hi Terry,

    Yeah thanks, this was interesting and I hadn’t seen it.

    There are a couple locally here in our ‘Forest and Bird’ group who have been hand pollinating the mistletoes in the Rangitikei bush remnants.

    The lovely native gloxinia grows locally here in the Kahuterawa vally. It really is very pretty. Its is sad that the stitchbirds are now mostly limited to protected Islands both offshore, and in what are termed mainland Islands where the predator proof fencing has been installed to keep out mice, rats, mustelids, opposums and hedgehogs. Bellbirds are seen occasionally if you are lucky enough to have enough nectar rich species to see them through the year. Thanks for your post.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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