More black on caterpillers

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    I have noticed this year that some of the monarch caterpillers have wider black sections on them than before. Not many but it is noticeable. They certainly stand out.
    Does anyone else have this. I am Kaitaia.

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    Yes I noticed two CATS today that have the thicker black on them.
    I also noticed in January/February when the temperature really heated up and the sun was bearing down that the stripes became darker and thicker, I did wonder if the sun created it, like it does on us with tanning, and brown pigments on our skin…. I also might be over thinking things with my active imagination!
    I’m in Whitianga.



    I did notice that as well, that they are very slow to grow…I have also had to stand on a few of those ones, they get so cold now, then they die slowly.



    I have also noticed this many times, & I feel that these ones are not as strong as others. I wonder if it is because they often seem to be rather thin, therefore their black stripes show more?

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