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    Hi everyone,

    I still have monarchs hatching heading into the colder season. We seemed to have allot of butterflies laying late this year. I was just wondering if it was ‘normal’ for them to have a lower seccess rate? The earlier lot (mid summer) maybe had a 90-95% success rate but this late lot seem to be running into all sorts of problems from not attaching properly when in the ‘j’ shape through to deformed wings/other parts, getting stuck hatching, falling once hatched etc. Is this normal. Is it just not the right time of year for them. I understand they are the ones that will winter over so it seems quite sad to see allot of them just not  making it :(.


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    O.K, well its just the way it goes then. I had three hatch recently and they all fell be4 there wings were up. Hopefully we get one or two. There is still quite a few to go!





    Yes, it’s absolutely normal for them to have a lower success rate at this time of the year – and there are lots of reasons:

    1. During the winter (no Monarchs) diseases that affect Monarchs – with no hosts available – die out or’go underground’. When the Monarchs return in the spring, diseases and parasites etc have a host once again on or in which to breed. So as the numbers of Monarchs build up so do they.

    2. As the Monarch numbers build up, there is more competition for the healthiest food – so those that are less robust can succumb more easily to pests/parasites/predators/pathogens etc.

    3. With longer days and warmer temperatures it is easier (quicker) for a Monarch to complete its metamorphosis. In cooler temperatures/shorter day length, and life cycle is more drawn out and so there are more opportunities to succumb to all those things that can ruin a Monarch’s chances.

    4. Then there’s more likelihood that a Monarch will get battered by the wind, rain, hail etc.

    There’s probably more reasons too…

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