Monarchs in Palmerston North

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    From my email inbox:

    Hello, Madame Butterfly : my name is Baz ? and I?m a friend of Murray Eggers to whom you responded recently.( Monday 8th June)

    Last night Murray mentioned your enthusiasm for Monarchs? and of course I have seen that article some years back in Natl Geo re the ?flight to Mexico..?

    But did you know ? a similar thing happens here in little ol Palmerston North????

    Yes, in the groves around the ?Sheraton El Burcio? (Airport Hotel/Motel) here in Palmie.. Hundreds if not thousands of Monarchs ?winter over?.

    They hang if the trees.. there was a pic in the Manawatu Evening Standard ? about three years back..

    I suppose you know about this ? but if not ? it might be some fun research for you?

    I once fed my caterpillars on pumpkin and horror; they hatched with dry wings? and so it was a fiasco.. and I felt so sad for the poor things ? they could not fly! (They had eaten all the swan plant?. )

    Oh well?

    O genki de (Japanese for ? best of health)


    Barry Morrall


    On the ?Haiku Pathway? at Katikati ? there?s a monarch butterfly haiku ? at the entrance by the white bridge at the north end of the town. One of Catherine Mair?s poems..

    (I have a different poem ? at the other end of the pathway ? carved into boulders there are 50 haiku!)

    Here?s a haiku for Autumn:

    Sweeping the leaves?

    Even before I finish -

    Another leaf falls?

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    Well guys I went past on Monday and went to the area I thought they were known to be. I couldnt see anything and I did a bit of asking as well but the person didnt know of anything either. 🙁




    Im pretty sure you are not allowed to cultivate it milkweed. Thats not to say you cant go and gather it from the wild and use it for your pillars, but Id take care to be diligent in getting rid of any residue or “leftovers” wisely. Like burning. Have a look on Horizons website and see whats what for the Manawatu with this plant. I dont know how common it is here, but its pretty bad apparently up North.




    Where can i find Moth Vine seeds in or around Palmy does anyone know? I know its a bad weed and hurts butterflies and moths, but its still a tool to use if used correctly for pupa.



    Actually I go past that area quite often and so I might take a looksee next time.




    Wow I agree Swansong. Would be good to know.




    “…a similar thing happens here in little ol Palmerston North????”

    Question or statement??? In other words are the Monarchs still overwintering there?


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