Monarchs doing their thing

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    There have been up to 4 Monarchs visiting my garden at any given time of the day ever since early December, & at last I am finding caterpillars & eggs on the swan plants. Some of the cats are at the 5th instar, so I’m not sure where they have been hiding!
    The big ones I am bringing inside, also some of the eggs.
    The swan plants in my netted area are now starting to poke through the top of the netting, & the butterflies are obviously finding them as there are eggs there. Perhaps the season tho late, is starting to get under way………… Let’s hope so. I do notice that some of the female butterflies are penetrating deep into the plant to lay, also tending to lay deep into the flower buds; probably safer from wasps there

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    That’s great news 🙂 its all happening here in Karori too .. I caught a female in the hothouse laying on my spare stash of plants today. So I’ve got busy and netted them. The cat population is growing again after the first generation boom.

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