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    Hi there. I have just registered our school to take part in the monarch tagging project. We currently have plenty of caterpillars, chrysalis, monarch butterflies around our school with swan plants cropping up all over the place. I am hoping some still remain when the tagging starts in March. The question I have is can we only tag at our school? Our school has a Habitat Heroes group that spends a lot of time at Nowells Lake in Hawera. Can we tag butterflies here as well?

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    Yes, you certainly can. Other people have done this in the past. If you’re switched on you just need to change your location to the appropriate one when you record the release of the butterfly. Make ABSOLUTELY SURE the correct location shows up.

    Another option is to register again (maybe as NowellsLake), request more tags for the second location and best results if you use a second computer to record those releases. However, you’ll need a second (different) email address to do that.

    Hope that helps.


    rob cooper

    i think you can send a message to jaqui she will no

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