Monarch Rear Wing Bent/Crumpled

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    Hello can anyone please help and give me some advice about what do do about a deformed rear wing! Do I clip it or leave it? Can I fix it in any other way? Tried to feed the little fella sugar/honey water but don’t know if he’s sucking it up, also what else can I provide for him if I keep him inside for safety

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    A lot depends on what wing and how deformed it is. If its the under wing then its better news than the top wing. I recently helped one out of a chrysalis and her underwing on one side was like a big dent and the top wing had a parallel fold on the bottom half that extended the length of the wing. The entire wing sets were slightly swinging to the right. After a couple of days this butterfly actually learnt to fly. I’ve seen her in my garden, she has a distinctive flutter and flies quite low and knows how to stay out of the wind. Sometimes bends and folds can be trimmed successfully. The videos online about surgery are very interesting but I’ve not had the courage to try surgery unless I’m shown by one who has done it. But I have trimmed successfully. Good luck.



    Not much you can do, Guy. There is no way a wing can be straightened. Some people do surgery on the wing, removing some “good” wings off dead butterflies and attaching them – there are full instructions in videos on Youtube.

    But you can put the butterfly onto flowers and leave them outside.

    Remember that not every caterpillar is destined to become a butterfly – somewhere on here I did some maths and figured out that if everyone did we would have 53 trillion monarchs flying around (just from TWO at the start of the season). Some are destined to be food for other species, or even food for the soil!

    It’s sad, I know, but I try and focus on all the one that are flying around enjoying what butterflies enjoy.

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