Monarch people in Porirua & tagging

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    Blake in Porirua

    We are in the area of Papakowhai Porirua. We are hoping to find other locals here on the forum.
    We are tagging this year and would love to get to know others who may be as well, or may be interested in forming a network. we are joined on to the FB community noticeboard pages of Papakowhai, plimmerton, whitby, Aotea and ascot park, so feel free to message in those networks as well.
    We would love to get the message out to our local neighbourhoods to keep an eye out for our tagged butterflies. We have had 22 butterflies so far, there are 15+ chrysalis and just tonight 6 curling cats. I dont want to think right now about how many more cats are on our 18 1.2mtr plants!!! 😉 I kull 50% of eggs, cover and rotate my plants as best I can, so i dont envisage running out of leaves…. touch wood, but if anyone is keen for a cat or two, or has plants to share please message!!
    I expect by seasons end we will have had approx 45 more butterflies.

    Looking forward to touching base and sharing some local facts of where YOU are releasing yours, or what locations you see lots, or who has swan plants that perhaps our butterflies are frequenting and vice versa. Maybe we can share any spare tags around as well?

    This message is indefinite too, so please feel free to message next year or the years after 🙂

    Happy hunting, Elise and Blake

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    rob cooper

    yea good on you guys yea killing eggs dat a bugger but you guys have the sense to no how your plants can hold cats now thats real good thinking well done we live in nelson we are full of the paper wasp here now so have to bring them up in a netted cage so lots of work to do that got over 160 away this seaon and lots more coming on so yea thats good

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