Monarch butterfly with bent wings

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    4 days ago I found a Monarch butterfly. I did some reading on the internet and found out some amazing stuff about them. It was my first contact with the butterflies.

    She had her wings bent and I was wondering if I could help her in any way.

    For now she just hangs on a flower in the kitchen and I feed her orange juice with honey, water mellon and banana.


    Can a monarch butterfly fly with only half of the back wings? Top half of the height of the wing (looking from top).

    I was thinking that if I cut off the bent part she might fly. The front wings are bent too but   not as much as the back ones.


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    I had this issue with a butterfly I raised last year (broke my heart!) and after a bit of reading believe she was probably infected with “oe” . Have a look for info about it online.  It isnt good to let them go on to continue breeding if infected I believe.


    Katrina 🙂



    Hi there, and welcome to the forum.

    You can trim off a portion of the wings and they will still fly – I’m estimating as much as 40% – without affecting their flight. It’s important, though, to trim off the same on each wing, so I hold the wings together so that with the scissors I can trim both forewings at the same time.

    Let’s hope that it helps!


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