Mesh for protection from pests such as Cabbage White butterflies

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    Heard from Charles ‘Merf’ Merfield who is Head of the BHU Future Farming Centre in Lincoln, about their mesh protection, which might be of interest to some of our members.

    The mesh is somewhat different (to our caterpillar castles). The webpage with all the details on is

    I don’t think it could be a replacement for the castles, but, if people wanted to build room size butterfly facilities it could be a cheap option.

    My main idea with the mesh, is that because it is a physical barrier to insects, and not a poisonous spray( of any kind, synthetic, organic, natural etc.,) then it has no risk of killing moths and butterflies that could be killed visiting plants that have been previously sprayed. Clearly, if its put over a potential B&M food source then its going to block their access to that food, but it at least wont poison them, so they can go elsewhere to feed.

    We are currently selling the mesh as a way of informing the NZ public about the product, as it has not been available in NZ until now and off the back of research at the BHU Future Farming Centre into TPP control on potatoes . We wont be selling it in the long term as we don’t want to be a retailer (we are an educational and research institute) so hope that this will see the main garden retailers pick it up in future.

    Therefore if you were able to alert visitors to the site to the mesh on our site that would help spread the word and reduce the amount of pest sprays (of any kind) used by NZ gardeners.



    Charles ‘Merf’ Merfield
    HND Comm. Hort., M.Appl.Sci. Hons, PhD.
    Head of the BHU Future Farming Centre
    021 0231 8901 (New Zealand +64)
    03 325 3684 (New Zealand +64)
    PO Box 113, Lincoln 7646, Canterbury, New Zealand

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