Max length of chrysalis stage

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    We are in Dunedin and have 3 chrysalis that do not seem to have changed in the last month. Does this mean that they are dead or can Monarchs ‘winter over’ as chrysalis?

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    If a chrysalis has darkened up and is still showing it’s ‘gold’ spots on the chrysalis does this mean it is still alive and just slowly developing due to lower temperatures? I have a bunch of chrysalis in my garage like this. Grateful for any input.



    I was going to ask a similar question earlier this week. I’ve got about 30 chrysalises, most of which are from before Easter weekend. I had all but given up on them and then this week 4 have emerged and another 8 now have the orange of the wings showing through.



    Hi Larnach

    As a rule Monarchs don’t winter over as chrysalis – but we have heard of them successfully emerging after several months.

    If the chrysalis is black and dull then it is dead/diseased. However, if you can see the orange through the pupal shell (cuticle) then it’s changing into a butterfly.

    Hang in there! (Pun intended)

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