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    Ive seen Mantises eating caterpillars, but never before today : mantis eating a newly hatched butterfly !! Dang ! Needless to say neither of them survived.

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    I like the mantises, they are very interesting insects to observe but they are predators.
    I usually relocate them away from the swan plants, as they are very useful in the garden to get rid of other pests.
    Also I made a video of a mantis eating a large cricket.
    Wasps are a pain , especially the Asian paperwasps, of which I get rid of by using spray paint on the nest, or a High Voltage wasps zapper.



    pray mantis are monarch predators, the south african pray mantis is especially bad, i kill all of those. They seem to eat caterpillars and butterflies.
    A sign of PM hanging around are butterfly wings on the ground with no body.



    I used to keep mantises as pets when I was a kid, along with frogs, and even snails had a brief stay in my dollhouse lol. I’ve come to see that ‘everything has to eat’ and prefer to relocate the pests although shieldbugs in the process of sucking a caterpillar are unlikely to get sympathetic treatment and wasps get exterminated.



    I leave praying mantises alone, personally. The same can’t be said of wasps.

    Mantises kill all sorts of pests in the garden (shield bugs, aphids, flies, leaf-hoppers, shield bugs, weevils, etc) as do spiders (and I’ve seen spiders killing mantises that get caught in webs too!) – apologies if you know this as I don’t mean to sound preachy 🙂

    I don’t think mantises cause the same amount of trouble as wasps and tachinid flies do to the monarch population in NZ. I think they’re beautiful, fascinating creatures 🙂



    Yes Leslie that is true. I new hatched Butterfly which I Tagged. Saw a Mantis starting to eat the newly Hatched Butterfly. Thank goodness I saved it in time. But killed the Mantis. If I see any mantis around I kill it.

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