Male Monarch deformed wing

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    Hi, I have a Male Monarch that I found hatched with some chrysalis wraped around its wing which deformed the leading edge backwards, I removed chrysalis shell
    and dampen wing with water to hope it may straighten out, no luck and its back leg kept getting caught in the curled up part and he had trouble walking,I trimmed wing so he could walk, had read I could glue another one on If I had one….is this possible ?
    Could he still be of help to someone for reproduction?
    hes about three days old


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    Thanks leslieD …..looking at it closer the for wing hinge looks damaged and on the wrong side of the aft wing so if i was able to iron and glue back on I dont think it would flap correctly…. Are Males needed anywhere West Auckland at the moment? the weather is turning to crap and would not want to leave him outside.



    there is another topic about ironing a crumpled wing … worth having a look. I was a bit skeptical but have tried it and it worked.Unfortunately the butterfly was already exhausted and it died, pity i never got him sooner.

    If you could straighten the wing and then trim so they are both much the same it could have a chance.

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