Magpie moths


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    Yesterday and today I have dozens of Magpie Moths trying to fly inside …. does anybody know what they are up to at this time of the year?

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    Magpie moths have at least two generations a year so the female could still be looking for a host plant.

    Also they are slow flyers especially when weighed down, full of eggs. I guess she just blundered inside by mistake.

    The caterpillars are poisonous to most birds so Pav is pretty sensible.



    Pav doesn’t seem to go for caterpillars Jacqui… he prefers green beans 🙂
    Can you ask your moth man about this please? I noticed the same thing last year but there are dozens of magpie moths floating about outside and they all seem to gravitate to our front door and ranchslider….



    Scared of pukekos perhaps?

    I’m surprised that Pav didn’t eat them as caterpillars!

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