Little yellow/orange bugs

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    Hi to all-

    I did do some research on this already but I can’t seem to find the correspondence back again. Anyway I too have those little orange bugs sitting on the stem of the swan plant. This plant however was donated to me by someone who had plenty of swan plants (this was late summer). I planted it and seemed to do really well but now I have these bugs. I have planted this (little) swan plant away from my already excisting plants. The plant does seem to grow and appears to be healthy.

    I read for killing the bugs you should use dishwashing soap diluted with water and spray it directly on the bugs (and therefore the plant). I just did that today; I am just hoping it will not kill the plant. I do not know how else you can get rid of them? These bugs make me itchy 🙂


    PS. is there any way to post photos to this site and/or forum?

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    aphids. Aphis nerii to be scientific. If you look under Species, Pests, you’ll find more information out about them.



    Squash ’em between finger and thumb, as many as you can. They are sucking the sap out of the plant.

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