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    Hi all – the June newsletter is in the final stages of production, and it’s going to be of interest to all I think. Sadly, space prevented me from putting in one long article, I had to shorten it, so I will put it separately in the forum here.

    Some of the topics include: an introduction to our Treasurer, Admirals, RSNZ scholarship, warning about the toxicity of some plants, Report on meetings with Barrie Frost and Myron Zalucki (see elsewhere also), information on Buddleia (Butterfly Bush) and an article on what you can do to help Monarchs at this time of the year.

    What is very important is that we will be dealing with proposed changes to our Trust Deed at a Special General Meeting on Saturday, 28 July at 2pm. This meeting will be in my home here in Russell – or if you can’t come there, also on-line*

    Subscriptions will be due at the end of the month. Some people ask whether they should join "now" (say in May and June, we get asked this a lot) or join in July. This is always a hard one to resolve. The Trustees some months ago opted to keep the treatment of subscriptions simple, that everyone’s expires at the end of June. So everyone, whatever time they join, gets all of that year’s back copies of the newsletter. In practice, everyone gets five newsletters – people who joined last week got the June, September, December 2006 and the March 2007 newsletters, and will soon receive the June 2007 newsletter as well. We feel that the content of these doesn’t "date" much, and provides new members with a history of what we’ve been doing over the past year to help butterflies; our experience should help them.

    As well, there are all sorts of incentives to encourage people to resubscribe quickly. For instance, this year one (just one) of the many incentives is to go into the prize draw for three bottles of wonderful organic wine, kindly donated by Richmond Plains Wines.

    Look out for your "package" in the mail over the next few weeks.

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