Joe Pye Weed seeds

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    Hi, We are wondering about others experience with germinating these seeds and also Tweedia seeds which were sourced from the trust. I delved into the www and found the it can be weeks before they germinate but that’s in Europe- anyone got any comments or ideas on NZ expectation? Thanks

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    Total fail for me, seeds didnt germinate.



    I tried both the Joe Pye Weed and Tweedia last summer and had around a 50% success rate (from memory). I don’t recall either of them taking a particularly long time to germinate but I wasn’t paying a lot of attention beyond misting the trays with water regularly. The Joe Pye Weed grew fine but then all the plants died just as they were getting ready to flower. I’m not sure why that happened. The tweedia grew quite well, and all my little plants have survived the winter.

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