Inside Caterpillars Dying Now

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    This morning I found 3 of the 11 caterpillars that I have inside on fresh milkweed dead. I am certain there are no predators on the leaves. Why are they dying? One of them appears to have had a shield bug attack as it is bent in the middle. Can anyone suggest why this is happening? The caterpillars were 3-4 instars. I bought them inside for protection because its cool at night here. Thanks for any insights you may be able to give me. Caryl (Wellington)

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    Hi Jacqui, No I do not have insect controls or pets with flea collars etc. I am thinking
    they may have been attacked before I bought the caterpillars inside. On the bright side I had 3 butterflies born inside today. Thanks for your reply. Caryl



    Interesting, Caryl. 🙁 Do you have anything indoors to control insects? Such as plug-in fly deterrents or flea collars on pets?

    Bent in the middle cam be a sign of NPV.

    You’ll be sad and I’m sorry for you.

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