How to grow stinging Nettle

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    I purchased some of your Stinging Nettle seeds which I have just planted. What I was wondering is are they annuals or perennials and do they like full sun or some shade and are they frost sensitive I was lucky enough to get my hands on some plants from out on the family farm. Its been hard harvesting them in such hot temperatures but they have been hanging in there. I had a look on them the other day and have found quite a few Red Admiral caterpillars in different stages of growth. It is good to see that the few butterlfies that I have seen flying around my garden have now got somewhere to lay their eggs.

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    rob cooper

    great yea got some netttles a while ago they had a big tip up so mite get 2 away but prob for next yea



    Perennials, dappled shade.

    Great to hear you’ve got caterpillars on the others!

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