how late is too late?

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    I have a chrsalis that developed about 15 days go and is not hatching. i worked out it was due yestaerday or today. How late is too late? is there alikelihood it isnt going to make it? it looks like it should just pop out as a butterfly any minute, i can see the wings perfectly through the shell and it is very dark but looks good, but obvioulsy I dont really know whats actually going on inside it. Is there anyway to tell a healthy chryallis from an unhealthy one?

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    Just put your fingers against its legs Shadowbaby and it will climb on to your finger. Do it gently. Hope you have it inside by now… butterflies that emerge in the cooler weather, I keep in overnight and feed on nectar flowers, then let them go on a fine day. They will go very quiet if you put them somewhere dark…..



    it did! when i wasnt looking. about 30 mins ago, I am now proud parent of first ever butterfly. just wondering if i can leave it outside over night or should i bring it back in now. it doesnt look like its going to fly anywhere immediatley, just not sure how you can have them in the house as butterflies- surely they need to fly away? how do you transport them from place to place??



    Things always slow down in the cold – so it will take longer to emerge, and they have a knack of doing it when you’re not looking!

    But if you can see it’s gone a milky sort of green-black, then it’s probably dead.

    Remember that in the wild the eggs that are laid have about a 1-5% success rate. When we start “helping them along” we raise the odds by about eight times. So every live one, you’re doing big things for the Monarch butterfly population!

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