How about adding locations to forum- users names?

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    As it’s often useful (and interesting) to know the location (town or region) of the people using the forum, could it be possible to have that come up automatically under the participant’s name?

    Also I notice that very few people using the forum have filled in their profile, which is a shame as it’s always interesting to know where fellow enthusiasts live and a bit about them. Perhaps some are not aware of how to do this?

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    Changes will need to be made to the forum set up for the location to show under our names… but this will be done if it’s possible. You can also change your “nickname” too on your profile if you want to.



    Yes locations are great to have.



    I jut added my Location to my profile! I did not know it was missing because I assumed it was already there.



    I like the idea of forum posts showing a geographical location. Even their region would help especially where posters are asking about getting plants, localised help etc.,

    Perhaps some info has been lost in various system change-overs. My biographical info has gone, so perhaps this has happened to other forum members too.

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