Hope for sufferers of many aphids – for beginners like me


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    I had quite a few mature swan plants with many, many aphids on them plus the black ‘sooty mould’ over all the leaves and I was sure that those plants were dying as they had lost all their leaves and looked droopy and terrible, on their last legs I thought.

    Well, there has been a real turnaround – every one of these plants has thrown out new leaves, lots and lots of them and not an aphid in sight on the new growth. And if one dares to put in an appearance, there are lots of ladybird bugs waiting for them (and probably feasting on the few aphids still left alive).

    This is the first year I have been a butterfly gardener and I am delighted not to lose all these plants after all. Everyone of them has thrown out many many seeds and our ferocious winds will have carried them all over the farm with a bit of luck, so we should have a bountiful year for the Monarchs next year. (I just hope next year won’t be bountiful for the aphids.) Even now there seems to be never less than 5 Monarchs flying around the plentiful young swan plants I’ve got, on days that aren’t raining,

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    I just love the battalions of ladybirds that arrived when I had a big invasion of yellow aphids around Christmas time. I’ve had the metallic blue ones in my garden for many years, but now there are red, yellow and orange in residence on my giant swan plant, along with their wonderful nymphs that look like tiny crayfish. What can we train to eat paper wasps. . ???

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