Hi Im Wendy, its My first season 2019

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    Hi everyone, Im Wendy and Im a newbie. 2019 was my first monarch season, i stumbled across it through someone posting on my facebook page about the Monarchs plight with wasps. I had two swan plants in my garden at the time and wandered out to have a look and found I had heaps of caterpillars on the plants. I joined the Monarch Facebook page and Monarch.org and learnt how to protect the Monarchs , and so my quest began.
    Ive released 160 for my first season, its been amazing. Ive also tagged 20.
    I decided I wanted to learn even more, so Im doing the butterfly gardening course, Im loving it and learning lots.

    Wendy 🙂

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    My first season of protecting and tagging too. Been a mammoth effort. Thanks so much for your hard core dedication, Wendy. Seriously huge labour of love. I’m getting a sanctuary set up too. Looking forward to the challenges that brings. Have about 40 potted swan plants. Starting to realize I will need at least 40 more.



    Nice to hear from you Wendy! Well done on your first year. Hope you’re enjoying the course.



    Thanks Blake! Yes I’ve got some new plants on the go, and raising self sown seeds in pots. Husband is going to build a structure to offer munching monarchs protection this year, the mozzie nets I used worked, but it was a lot of work, so this structure covered in insect netting is going to be a lot easier this summer.


    Blake in Porirua

    160 in your first season! Well done! Its great you’re tagging too.

    Have a rest for the winter & grow some more plants inside now so you’re set for the onslaught next season 😉



    Hi Wendy, thanks for posting. Enjoy your caterpillars and butterflies. It’s a great pastime (obsession!).

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