Helping Monarchs as the cooler weather approaches

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    I’m just trying to think ahead a little here.

    I’m in a fairly warm spot here, (inland from Whangarei) and I tend to just let the Monarchs do their thing outside on the plants, I do monitor them well though, and have had a good success rate so far, but I think I’ll probably start bringing them inside if necessary as the weather gets a lot colder.

    How long would I see Monarchs coming to lay eggs here, ie up until what month, and what kind of nighttime temperatures would the caterpillars/chrysalises cope with, until it was best for me to start rearing them indoors?




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    Having lived probably not far from you up till a couple of years ago, I would say the Monarchs should be able to carry on breeding till around early May. Maybe even later although the pupa stage might be longerĀ (say 15 days or so) than normal.

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