Help! How to stop snails and slugs eating my garden?!

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    I've recently planted a whole lot of new flowers in my garden and the snails/slugs are having a field day with them :(

    We have two cats and two kids so I don't know what to do. I don't think it's safe to use Blitzem pellets and I don't know if they are safe to use with the Monarch pillars?

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    Thanks Darren. So I take it they are safe for the Monarch cats also? Because the swan plant is in the garden the slugs and snails are attacking.
    I'm going to try the beer first…



    Yes I remember seeing some like that. But I forgot about those because they still make the old type that don't stretch such as the flea collars.
    I know what you mean about hating their instincts. I can't stand to see them catching birds esp. when they bring them in with broken necks and they aren't even dead yet.
    And esp. when they bring ducklings… thankfully they haven't yet, this year. I think it won't be long before the ducklings are back. I saw 3 large adult ducks over there the other day.
    Yes, maybe it's the diet. They only eat cat biscuits. I thought it was good because I remember my vet saying Mischief had good teeth and that's because she eats cat biscuits not jellymeat and he said it was good… I don't remember him saying anything about giving her raw meat.
    I'll have to try that.
    And I'll ask my grandmother if her cat catches birds or mice because I know she feeds her cat raw meat and cooked meat.
    I do remember my ex boyfriends mother (who happened to work for the SPCA in Bird Rescue) fed her cats raw meat but they still caught birds. She apparently sprayed water at them every time but they still used to catch birds.
    I tried the spraying water and my cats don't seem to care at all LOL
    I would say on average I would get about 1 bird or mouse every 2-4 weeks sometimes 1 every 1-2 weeks… it varies.



    Well I wouldn't let the kiddies eat a whole boxful, but a few pellets are safe Renee, in fact it's used as a dietary supplement.

    and whatever the slugs don't get will break down in the soil, and are safe for earthworms and birds as well.



    They have stretchy bands on the collars now Renee…. and if one of your cats chokes whilst trying to catch birds, sobeit 🙂 I love cats but I loathe their instincts sometimes. What do you feed your cats? They need a raw food diet…. jellimeat, and most cat products are rubbish… cats need to eat little and often and high protein. Changing your cats diet can reduce bird kill absolutely.



    Thanks Jean. I'll have to try again. I'll move the feeder up a bit higher and fill with fresh seed and I'll start putting snails up there… hopefully that will do the trick.
    The cats can't get to the feeder.

    Gill – yes I have used them in the past but I'm always worried they will get them caught on something and choke. And one of our cats always managed to get them off somehow LOL



    Have you tried collar and bells on your cats Renee?



    Hi Renee
    Birds are very wary of anything 'new'. We only feed them in winter and it took them weeks to find our bird feeders the first winter. Any snails I find when I'm gardening – under pot rims and in flax bushes are popular – I throw on a large clear gravel/concrete area with no close bushes/grasses, and thrushes in particular soon find them. Once they've discovered the new free treats they're soon back for more. I use the beer trick too, I clean it out each morning and top up the beer tho they don't drink much!
    Luckily our cats are too old to bother birds, they just like the odd practice run at them occasionally.
    Cheers, Jean



    We live right next to a Reserve and there are ducks. Well the saddest thing I've seen is my cats killing ducklings 🙁 There are even Pukeko over there…
    The cats love to go over there.



    Do you leave the beer bowl out all the time or just overnight?

    I could feed to the birds but we have two cats so I don't really want to encourange birds to land on the ground because our cats LOVE to catch them. We just had one of our cats jump in through a window last night with an almost dead bird with a broken neck 🙁

    I love birds and we get Rosellas in a large tree at the back of our property and I got a bird feeder that they can sit on where you can put seed/pieces of fruit and I put it up and put wild bird seed on it but NO bird has ever touched it. I haven't seen a single bird land on it. Maybe I need to put it higher up in the tree…
    If I can get the birds to land on it then I could put snails up on that.

    DarrenG- is Quash safe with the kiddies too?



    Thanks everyone.
    I will let you know how I go.

    I did see a big snail with a tiny snail on it's back on a lily in the other garden I just did recently. So I guess they may be breeding somewhere… Oddly I have two gardens and both have the same flowers in them. They are eating the Marigold leaves and stalks in one and haven't touched the Marigolds in the other garden!



    Quash is an iron-EDTA slug and snail bait, harmless to pets.



    Renee – if you have lots of snails and slugs, if they have found your garden a good habitat, they will be breeding. SO you want to clean up places where they can breed, under logs, upturned flower pots.

    Birds love them, so if you have a place where you can feed them to the birds, this is a great place to leave them, e.g. in the middle of your drive.

    Encourage birds in your garden. You could even make "snail houses" using upturned flower pots, snails love to get under them, and then feed the snails each day to the birds!

    I used to live not too far from Papakura (Paparimu) and can vouch for the beer in the saucer trick. Beer won't hurt the birds either!



    They can cause a LOT of damage. Ive heard of putting out a bowl of flat beer and apparently they go for it and drown.

    Do a search on slugs and snails and there should be some info on this in the forum.

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