have just released two more female monarchs.


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    Hello all, I have released another two female butterflies. Still have 10 more chrysalis and 14 more caterpillars to go. Like others I am wondering how much longer they can last before completing their cycle.
    We spray them each day with water (chrysalis ) to stop them from getting dry and hard. They are in our big shed which opens to the west, so they get all of the afternoon sun, as well as most of the morning Northerly sun.Have not had a lot of rain here in Gisborne. The temperatures have dropped, but is warm in the shed for them.
    The chrysalis’s have been hanging for 4 weeks, and some a little longer.
    This year has certainly been so different. Usually by now all of our tagging would be complete! To date I have released 220 butterflies .

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    Well done, Gay! You’re a trojan. A lovely story about another woman in Gisborne coming up in this magazine… and how she tutors children with dyslexia and how much the monarchs have helped her (and them).

    Good work in Gisborne.



    What a fantastic season you’ve had and your still going.
    I have 3 chrysalis in the butterfly castle, it’s been at least 4 weeks. I bought the castle inside and a week ago and today I noticed one becoming darker. I still have cats on the plants outside, some quite big, and some wee baby ones. Not sure what will become of them, it’s my first season so it’s all very new to me.

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