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    This year, Texas is expected to have one of the largest migrations of monarch butterflies in recent history.

    The orange-and-black insects pass through Texas every year as they travel north from Mexico.
    According to Craig Wilson, director of USDA Future Scientists Program, the population has increased by 144 percent in the past year. This comes after several years of a declining population.

    A final big wave of the butterflies could enter Texas from Mexico by the end of next week.

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    I was in Mexico when they began leaving! It was AWESOME seeing them flying down the roads and paths down the mountain.

    I have been trying to post some videos here to our site but I am receiving upload errors… will have to sort this out when I have more time (another thing on the list) but you can see them on my Facebook page if anyone is interested.

    Here's one of the first scenes we saw… all the monarchs flying down above our trail and joining up with monarchs using another trail as a flyway. They would go down into the pastures each day looking for nectar, returning to their overwintering habitat at night. But there were just so many monarchs flying… and thousands more still in the trees! An amazing spectacle.Note: That's Carol in the video… We had been given surgical masks to wear on the ride as it had been dry for several months and the track was very dusty. The horses and guides on foot would kick up a dust-storm!Macheros, Mexico, Mexico, JM Butterfly B&B, Cerro Pelón, Mexico, Mexico

    Posted by Jacqui Knight on Monday, March 25, 2019

    One of my favourite videos from @Macheros (Cerro Pelón, Mexico, Mexico JM Butterfly B&B) doesn't appear to be on my Facebook page!! I guess in the heat of the moment I forgot to uploadit! 🙂

    Posted by Jacqui Knight on Monday, March 25, 2019

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