good season for Picton

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    lawrence pope

    we have released 700 monarchs this year and have monarchs visiting each day

    still have cats and eggs

    plants will eaten down but are recovering

    for the frist time took 10 mins time out to watch the monarchs on the buddleias and flying around


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    Hi Alsion,

    Yes I have tagged nearly 200 butterflies;-))




    Gosh, I thought I was doing well at close to 75 – are you tagging them? We have a local park here in Pukekohe that has planted quite a few swan plants. Took the kids to play there over the weekend and brought home about 20 very large cats – most have pupated now. Managed to sneak up on 2 monarchs and tag them. There are heaps of cats in various stages at the park and the swan plants are covered in seed pods. Brought a couple of the pods back home as well but unsure how to harvest the seeds – do I just open them up and if so do I dry them – have absolutely no idea.



    Hi Lawrence,

    Well done and now you can sit back and relax and watch and enjoy all your butterflies.

    We have released 420 butterflies so far this season and have around another 200 odd to pupate and emerge.
    Our plants are certainly covered in caterpillars and happily munching away on them;-))




    Thanks Norm, I hadn't thought of a praying mantis, I'll have a very good look around in the shade house, I don't want to lose any more if poss. J



    Hi jean,

    A big green splodge is the trademark left by a praying mantis after consuming a large caterpillar. They are about in numbers at the moment, well camouflaged and very hard to spot among the plants.



    Oh Jacqui, how sad there are so few Monarchs or even caterpillars at Russell, any idea why? Maybe the wasps are still taking them, or have plants died because of the drought?? Something got 2 of my big caterpillars thru fine netting last week, left just a big green splodge, but couldn't see what it would be – earwigs around but no wasps or vegetable bugs.
    Sounds as tho Lawrence will have to make a saving pilgrimage North with some of his livestock! what a great effort, I'm envious!! My estimated 100+ is now down to about 50 after the recent cold snap; there are some very battered old butterflies still around and mating, but will they hang on over winter if there are no plants available for them to lay their eggs on? J.



    WOW lawrence 700! Thats a great effort. I hope you take a little more time out to enjoy them. Its lovely to watch them just float about. Amazing fliers they are.




    Fantastic, Lawrence. It must have been wonderful watching them.

    I have just returned to Russell and have seen one or two butterflies as I move around town. Very disappointing!


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