Good press for Apollo Park

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    This park sounds great Jane I will have to visit it if I am ever up that way . Sounds like Paul and his volunteers have achieved a wonderful result with their hard work.Well done to them all



    Apollo park project is a credit to Pauls hard work and many hundreds of hours behind the scenes getting funding, lobbying people to get on board, rounding up volunteers, planning, designing and implementing, researching native species good for nectar and host plants for our NZ native caterpillars.

    Jacqui Peter and myself took a walk there this morning. With the planting completed this project is really impressive. Right next to the planting clusters of Monarchs are forming in the willow trees to winter over. The Monarchs have wintered there for many years, but during fine winter days when they would come down to nectar there was nothing handy to nectar on. Now thanks to Paul and his volunteers, the nectar plants are right there within easy reach!

    Whilst we were there, local people were admiring the new project and children were skipping along the pathways between the butterfly plantings. A Yellow Admiral was seen flitting from plant to plant too admiring the new territiory.

    Good on you Paul. This project of your making is a fantistic asset to our local Milson community. Thanks for all your hard work.



    Fantastic article. I’m going to take a look tomorrow morning.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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