Glue for repairing a wing?

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    Hi, I would like to repair a monarch butterfly’s broken wing, but are unsure about the kind of glue that is needed. What glue in NZ will be considered a “contact adhesive” that would be safe to use? Thanks in advance for your help

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    Hi I use a glue designed for leather or wood work – and its been successful in many wing repairs and replacements.
    I used another quick dry glue when I ran out recommended by a local retailer but it dissolved the wings. As did another contact cement 🙁 So I dont mess around with alternatives anymore.
    I buy online from EBay USA or Aust and its about $NZ30. And it lasts for a season or two – or more if the lid is wiped and put on securely.

    = Weldwood THE ORIGINAL Contact Cement. I do recommend it.
    Do make sure its THE ORIGINAL Contact Cement as the new version nearly killed the Butterflies.

    Best wishes

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