Garlic spray recipe for aphid control

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    About three weeks ago I made up a garlic spray mixture with the juice from a couple of potent, newly harvested garlic cloves, plus oil and detergent, with water to mix. This all went into one of those spray bottles you can get from the $2 shop. I carefully sprayed all leaf surfaces in our worst affected groves of swan plants. The result was disappointing to say the least, with a barely perceptible drop in aphid numbers. The plants are looking terrible with the resulting sooty mould and certainly won’t be good caterpillar tucker. I’m wondering if someone can help with a garlic spray recipe they’ve used successfully (maybe I got the proportions wrong?). I would also like to know if you can use other forms of garlic in the mix (essence from garlic pearl tablets etc). The ladybird populations are very high in these areas, so they are working hard to help. I was concerned about them when I used the spray. Does the spray only affect the aphids? What about the Monarch caterpillars and their eggs?
    So many questions! Thanks in advance for any help offered:)


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