Gahnia pauciflora, John Sumich

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    John Sumich (Ark Management Committee) advises:

    Robert Hoare looked for Dodonidia on the Cutty Grass track (Waitakeres) where lots of Gahnia pauciflora are and there is also a moth that specifically likes that species for its larval form. If you can’t find plants seed will be your next best and I add the following although you may well be aware of this [it refers to G. pauciflora]

    Can be difficult to cultivate. The seed is difficult to germinate, and plants resent root disturbance and usually die if transplanted. However, considerable success has been achieved growing plants and/or germinating seed in untreated saw dust. Despite these problems this is an attractive species well worth attempting to grow. Once established it flourishes in a range of conditions but does best in full sun in a well drained or only seasonally wet soil.

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