Found a Butterfly, Wings…Please Help

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    I found a butterfly, I think it came out of it’s chrysalis with lower wing curled.

    it fell to the ground….lower wing is curled over and the wings when closed look uneven. I live in Los Angeles. Is there anyone in Los Angeles who can help fix his wing?

    I am afraid I will only make him worse…also how do I feed him.

    I have no idea what I am doing. I sat him on a plate with a cut up strawberry.

    He is not a Monarch. but really pretty

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    I had a butterfly with one wing slightly bent under, so that when it tried to fly it would just flutter to the ground; I liken it to a plane with just one of its wing flaps down. I held it firmly with its wings closed so that the damaged wing & the good one were aligned. With a small sharp pair of scissors I gently cut the wings just a little so that they were even. When I released the butterfly it was a little odd looking, BUT IT WAS ABLE TO FLY! This would only work if there was only a small amount of deviation of the wing



    Hello Kelly – there is probably nothing you can do for this butterfly. This sometimes happens in Nature – butterflies lay many, many eggs and not everyone will turn out to be a beautiful butterfly. Some are destined to become food for other insects, birds or animals – some will even contribute to the health of the soil when they die.

    There is probably nothing you can do to help this one. However, if you love butterflies, and if you use Facebook follow the posts of “California Butterfly Lady” to learn more about butterflies in your part of the world.

    They are very beautiful, aren’t they! Thank you for trying to help this one. You have a good heart.


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