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    Just a reminder… and a question

    When one starts a new topic, you will see below where you are typing your message a box referred to as “Topic Tags”.

    When you have finished writing a post you put key words in the box, separated by a comma (,) so that anyone who wants to find the same topic can search on the tags. You can add one or several.

    So if we were writing about a Buddleia plant, and how it’s a pest plant, but it’s great for nectar – those would be three great tags to use. Note with “pest plants” just type them just as I have there, and add a comma afterwards, so that the computer will recognise it as one word.

    To the right-hand bottom of this screen, you will see Hot Tags. These are the most popular of the topics. So if you click on any one of them, it will show you a list of posts about that key word.

    Now here’s my question. If you want to access a topic that you know will be there, for instance “inbreeding”, how do you find it? It’s a tag – but not a hot tag.

    Look forward to responses!

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    Bron and Camryn

    I never use the hot tags. I just type the key words I want to search for in the search field. The hot tags are interesting to show what the most popular subjects are though.

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