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    thought I’d share an unexpected ‘win’ .. Last week I aided a butterfly out of her chrysalis … she was seriously stuck. anyway when she dried her wings on the left side were not looking great at all. the bottom wing had a big inward dent that took up most of the wing and the top one had a horizontal fold on the bottom half of that wing taking up half the wing. The right side wings were formed well enough but slightly bent to the left. So I had no real expectation she would fly at all but after three days of practice runs which ended up on the ground she did finally take off on a calm day. I didn’t think she would have a long life with the gale force winds we have been getting BUT I was just outside (in gale force winds) and guess who fluttered up, parked on a flower briefly and then fluttered off … ? No doubting the identity with those wings lol. I was so pleased! its amazing what they can fly with. I noticed she has learned to fly quite low and follows the shelter. very clever 🙂

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    Awesome, Leslie! Love those feel good moments. 🙂



    That’s wonderful! 🙂

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