Feeding caterpillars

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    We have one swan plant and 30 odd caterpillars – hopefully will be able to re-home but in the meantime what can we give as extra food. I have read here pumpkin any other suggestions.



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    That’s a great idea Bernie. I will try that. Just adding to your warning about washing potato peeler: wash your hands thoroughly afterwards too, Pamela. Milkweed latex can cause serious damage to your eyes. see forum thread about ‘Care needed when around milkweed’ https://www.monarch.org.nz/forum/topic/care-needed-when-around-milkweed/



    Hi Pamela
    As Pepetuna says,you can feed them on moth vine if you can find it and they will thrive on it just as well as milkweed.My experience is that they will eat pumpkin but don’t do too well on it.In emergencies(which often happen with me)I have used a potato peeler(WASH IT AFTERWARDS) to peel the skin off the milkweed stems and the cats will readily eat that.
    Good luck
    Bernie F.



    Hi Pamela. You can feed the Monarch caterpillars on Moth Vine Araujia sericifera if you can find it. It is a pest plant that often grows in waste ground like the back of factory sites and alongside the railway tracks. Depends where you are how common it is. Here is a link to a pic http://weedbusters.co.nz/weed_info/display_image.asp?WeedImageID=499 showing moth vine in flower (which it probably is this time of year).

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