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    So I have a butterfly that hatched last night and from researching and reading other forums, I’m guessing she has OE. She isn’t able to fly at all and has little chance of surviving the cold outside so I have set up a tank and will keep her as a pet. So far I have made her up some honey and sugar water and have got her to eat and will be looking for other things for her but what I’m wanting to know is how often should she be eating as I want to be sure she’s getting enough.

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    In the wild, the warmer they are, the more active they are. Sunlight and temperature – and the lure of nectar flowers and the urge to procreate – enables butterflies to fly.

    So in your situation there is no optimum temperature. If you are keeping it as a pet, then what do you want your pet to do? Keep it cooler and it won’t be able to do anything – just exist. In a warmer situation it will want to fly… which it can’t do anyway – it will just feed more often.



    what sort of temperature should they be kept at. iv got the tank in the lounge near a fireplace but should it be somewhere cooler?



    How much they need depends on how much energy they are using. If you keep her cool, and she spends most of the time grasped to the top of the tank with her wings hanging down, she won’t need to be fed very often…every two or three days. I feed mine once a week, but they are kept cool (15 deg C) and mostly dormant.

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