Escallonia for nectar

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    Arrived home to a phone message about an Escallonia hedge being a great source of nectar.

    When I googled the pictures of it, I see there are different varieties with a range of coloured flowers, and it reminds me of a hedge we had growing up at the family home, where the leaves were sticky and dynamite to cut as they would stick to your hedge clippers.

    Have I got the right plant?

    Does anyone know of it as a source of nectar?

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    Came across this article (June 2016) which indicates that in Raglan an Escallonia bifida, which, when it blooms in early autumn will often have 300-400 monarchs in close attendance.

    Just need to now where to find one or two…..???



    This is an old forum but I can confirm that Escallonia Pink Elle is hugely attractive to Monarchs. We planted several last year and there were always Monarchs around them. We could see them circling the area trying to reconnect with the scent and find the flowers



    thanks for that – every year heaps of monarch butterflies land and rest there!



    yes, sticks to your clothes, one at the other end of my mothers street . didn’t see butterflies on on though, but I wasn’t looking hard while driving


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