Dying monarch caterpillars

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    I got this because I got some recently wild caterpillars. They Were happy and healthy up until a couple of days ago. First caterpillar started making a J next morning came back and was on the ground with a green fluid coming out of its moth it was difficult to remove without disturbing the other Cats so we left. Second CAT was very small and was found dead with a black fluid coming out of its mouth. Third CAT started pupating and just stopped 1/4 the way fourth CAT started pupating on its side so I had to move it still alive and hanging off a cue tip. Fifth CAT was in a hanging J came back recently and discovered it has puke green liquid while upside down unknown if it’s still living. ALL there milkweed is wild so no pesticide and the milkweed is soaked in water all CATs are sprayed once a day. I have raised CATs for a while took a few year break. And started again recently. This has never happens to me before I am used to at least a 90 percent success rate with my CATs this is crazy I have kept them at 72 degree temperature and have one left that has yet to Pilate need help quick

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    Well I came to the conclusion that it was pesticide poison on some of the milkweed I got which is a shame because I found younger caterpillars on them earlier therefore I believed it was okay but the milkweed must have been sprayed along with the blueberries. Which is a shame first time I have caught monarchs in New York in a while.



    Hello Fruithat

    It is a bit hard to know what is going on without knowing where you are. However, it seems to me that you don’t live in NZ and so any pest, predator or parasite may not be something we have here in NZ.

    I suggest that you look at Edith Smith’s excellent site on pests on the internet, or even take photos and post them on the Facebook page, THE BEAUTIFUL MONARCH. Also, make sure you state what area of the world you live in as this can be very useful in identifying any problem.

    Hope it resolves itself satisfactorily.


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