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    I hope someone can help me quickly. One of my butterflies emerged yesterday and was on the ground. I kept putting her up on a branch and she kept falling off so I brought her inside ( I was scared my cats would get her if she stayed on the ground ) and put her on a plate with some orange juice and some honey.
    One of her wings hasn’t formed properly, the bottom half on her right side. She’s still alive but I just don’t know what to do.

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    Awwww……I don’t know if I could euthanase…..suppose I’ll have to for the sake of the butterfly.
    Thanks Caryl



    Sadly your butterfly will not be able to fly, feed itself or mate. It’s a tough choice – to euthanase (in the freezer) or give it some more time. In my experience with ones that can’t fly I allow them to live for a couple of days then if there’s no change I euthanase. When butterflies fall in the first couple of hours after their birth they do not successfully pump the liquid from their abdomen into their wings completely and thus the damage to their wings means they are unable to fly.

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