Drowning Aphids on potplants question

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    I have decided to try to drown aphids on a couple of nettle plants that have become infested…but the trouble is there are Admiral eggs on the plants as well. Does anyone know how long the eggs can be submerged in water and still be okay?

    I thought if I submerged the whole plant gently in a tub full of water the Aphids would die within 10 mins or so. Has anyone else tried this? I could cut the eggs off before hand, but would prefer to leave them on the plants.

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    My understanding is that it is only the SteelBlue ladybird that may eat the eggs.

    I use a small paintbrush and water with dishwash detergent in it to deal with light infestations of aphids. But squishing is by far the most effective method! Disposable gloves are good to use.



    Ha Jacqui…I had bravely tried first to brush them off using gloves for my hands, and a broad paintbrush, before I came up with the brainwave of drowning the blighters….I may have to snip off all the eggs, and do the plant overnight as Norm did. Luckily its the broad leaved Chatham nettles that have the aphids so far. I have my pet ladybird doing her best on one plant, but don’t really trust her now since I saw the photo Darren posted of a ladybird eating a precious egg! (I think it was Darren)



    Anna, I have immersed nettles in water overnight which finishes the aphids and no harm to the nettles, however it’s doubtful the eggs would survive.



    Go on, Anna, don’t be a sissy… SQUISH them (the aphids I mean).



    …well that idea was a bit of a fizzer. I tried one leaf with green aphids on, and immersed it in water for 2hrs, then looked at the aphids with the microscope…and they were still very much alive! Must have invisible snorkels???

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