Does this butterfly have Oe or is it just injured?

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    I have this butterfly that by the looks of things is newly hatched. However, its poor wings are very bent and it seems to be unwell (is secreting translucent yellow goop). I’ve read about oe and it sounds like it may have it, but I think this one may have bent wings due to it hatching under the table. It must have escaped from its box while in its fifth instar, crawled under the coffee table and made its chrysalis there. I only noticed it this morning, by then it had hatched and was trying to cling on to its empty chrysalis. Unfortunately, our table is so thick that its legs are only about 4cm long, and so the chrysalis was wedged in a 4cm space between the table and the ground. This means that it’s wings probably became bent while it was drying, and it looks like it may have worn s hole in its own wings by trying to beat them on the floor. This does not account for the yellow excrement or the fact that the stripes on its abdomen are blurred, so I want to know if it sounds like it is infected, or if otherwise, how can I help it?
    Ps it hasn’t tried to fly yet and is currently hanging upside down.

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    Charlotte, it is very hard to know for sure without seeing it. What is for sure is that the butterfly will not be able to do what it’s here to do: breed, fly about etc.

    I suggest that you euthanase it, Charlotte.

    Sorry about that.


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