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    Hi there I was wondering if anyone may be able to tell me what could potentially cause these deformities in the resulting butterflies, it’s so upsetting having them hatch and not being able to fly off. So far it has only been three, but if there’s anymore I can do to prevent this occurring I would love to know!

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    hi, sorry that you have had this problem, I encountered a similar issue last year with pillars bought from a garden store and from all the reading I did Ophryocystis elektroscirrha (OE)is often the cause of issues like this.  If you google it or look for OE tags on there is lots of info

    Katrina 🙂



    Hello Danaus

    It could be any number of things – please click on the hot tag “disease” and read up some of the wealth of information on problems that Monarchs may encounter. Feel free to ask more questions if you can’t find out some ideas from previous posts.

    Hope that helps.


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