deformed wings on newly hatched Monarch

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    Hi there, I have a monarch that has recently hatched. The chrysalis was ‘rough’ looking. Now that she has hatched it’s obvious her wings are very damaged. There is a hole in each of her wings about the size of a pinky finger nail – so pretty big. And the bottom wing isn’t straightening out properly at the base.

    She can walk around, but when she flutters her wings she falls off whatever she’s on.

    I feel she won’t survive, but am looking to you all for your experience. ( I have emailed photos)

    Thanks in advance.

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    I am totally devastated, we have had rain non stop and when I checked my Monarch ’emerger’ cage today I found a butterfly lying on the rather wet floor having fallen from it’s chrysalid. The cage has a roof and tarpaulin but the wind had blown the rain onto the cage floor and it was totally soaked. I tried to dry it on a tissue but everything looked ‘wrong’ I didn’t know how long it had been lying in the water and finally realised that this was my first ‘freezer’ put to sleep. Sorry people, this is my first ‘Loss’ in my first year, I needed to share. I was so proud of my achievements on this my first year, pride before a fall etc?



    if it is Oe you might be transmitting it to other caterpillars. You need to bleach your gear and surfaces you handle them on. I can give you more info if you need it.



    Possibly Oe. There were probably colonies of the parasite where the “holes” are now. I suggest folding it into a paper towel and placing it in your deep freeze over night. Or hit it with a brick. 🙁



    Sadly I think there’s more wrong with it that just holes in all the wings. It seems to have a deformed front leg as well and can’t grip. I’ve tried feeding it some sugar water but it’s just not interested at all. 🙁



    Hello Darroch

    I recently came across a site that describes how to REPLACE a broken or deformed wing.


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