Deformed wings

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    Hi, hoping to get some advice from this group. This is our first lot of caterpillars and this morning two cacoons have hatched into butterflies. The first is just spectacular, so beautiful. The second, sadly, took very long to come out of his cacoon and it seems his wings are deformed and cannot fly.
    Anything we can do for this guy?

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    I have long pondered this. I think it depends how badly the wing/s are deformed.If more than one after it has eclosed then probably nothing can be done.
    Some have chosen to keep that butterfly alive and feeding it for weeks. I have known 2 cases of women feeding ones like this and in both cases – one 2 weeks later she was able to fly. Another the woman exercises his shoulder of that deformed wings for days and fed it and it flew too. Such absolute dedication and compassion in action. Caryl




    That’s very sad for you but nothing can be done. I euthanase them by putting them into my freezer and then removing the bodies 24 hours later.

    This sort of thing will happen from time to time.

    BTW monarchs make chrysalises, not cocoons! It’s a learning process, isn’t it? You might find our glossary helpful.


    Keep up the good work and I hope you have a lot more successes.

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