Deformed butterflies.

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    Over the last 10 days, we have had 5 deformed butterflies emerge from their Chrysalis’ which have been hanging for some weeks. The weather is colder even though we are getting sunny days.; which tells me they would not survive if they had not been deformed. The kindest thing to do was to euthanise them, which we did. We had another 10 chrysalis still hanging , and had been for some weeks, so we kindly euthanased them too to save them the struggle .

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    One summer, I had a monarch caterpillar get rolled underneath a door while it was being opened (it escaped from its cage!); though, the monarch seemed fine since it still behaved like any hungry, healthy caterpillar.

    After this caterpillar formed into chrysalis and hatched, one of his lower wings were abnormally small, making me realise that the door had actually damaged a section of his body that was responsible for one of the lower wings.

    This small wing was wrinkled, as well, but surprisingly, he could still fly. I ended up naming him Nemo!

    Being that I was around 10 years old at the time, I wouldn’t have thought about euthanising him, but now that I think of it, I probably should have (he could fly, but not well at all).

    I still wonder what happened to him to this day, a decade later.



    My last two were disasters too Gaynor. And many of the late season ones I had needed extra care or assistance when the eclosed to get their wings sorted … proboscis also seemed a problem area with a couple that took several days to get that sorted. I guess its nature. But you have done well to have them so late! Mine were all done by mid June.

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