Deadly Fertilizer

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    denise marshall

    Beware about feeding your swan plants slow Release Fertilizer [just].I did and lost over 50 caterpillars.They stopped eating and went limp and died. Nothing in the ingredients on the pottle would suggest that there was anything in the fertilizer that would do any harm.Perhaps this is what is killing some of our caterpillars.

    The nurserys are telling us they have not sprayed their plants, maybe they haven’t it could be that they are feeding them or maybe it is us when we feed our plants.

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    denise marshall

    It was the “JUST” brand from the Warehouse. Haven’t used a Fertiliser on my SW before, it must be this as I had never put anything on my SW plants EVER. As these plants were in pots I spent 6 hours scraping off the top potting mix, with the pellets and giving them lots of water to get rid of any traces of the offending residue. hopefully this will work, time will tell.Can’t find the word Intercept on the list on the outside of the pottle.



    Oh, Denise, that must be devastating. 🙁

    Which slow release fertiliser did you use?



    Some composts and fertilisers in the UK have a product (Chemical) called “intercept” added to them. This has the exact effect you described, however that’s not proof in your case, and you will need to contact the manufacturer who should be able to clarify what toxic elements maybe included in the product.

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