Dead pupating pillar

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    I sadly found this dead pillar upon returning home this afternoon. He has looked to split his  skin right in the middle, so there was a bright green bit poking out of the skin with the remainder of the skin still intact on him although wrinkled looking like it was to be shed.   With any others ive seen pupating im sure the split started at bottom.  So it It had hung normally and looked fine at lunchtime (he has been raised indoors although the window was open).

    Does this look like anything anyone has seen before?

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    Possibly the heat. sounds similar to what I posted yesterday. Another j shaped caterpillar went limp yesterday again in the morning sun. It was lying straight lokking very black and lost it’s j shape but would curl f I blew on it.( so I knew it was alive) I brought him inside out of the direct sunlight where he formed a beautiful chrysalis. YAY think that must be it hopefully although I’m aware this problem could be related to many other problems but hopefully not oe.



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    thanks Pepetuna!  Taking from the thread…The heat may well be it!  I just moved some plants from a more shady room to a very warm sunny window and it was a stinker here today (well for Dunedin anyway!)

    Will defintitely keep that in mind for the future.

    BTW is there a way to post photo’s on here?  I had taken a pic of how the poor wee one ended up but didnt see a way to include it with my post


    kind regards

    Katrina 🙂



    See the thread posted a couple of days ago here

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