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    Hi Gillian

    I’ve learned that wherever you are, whatever you do, there will be more deformed emergences at the end of the summer than during the peak. It’s sad, but remember through your efforts all year round, you’re increasing the population hugely – they say that only 1-5% survive to maturity in the wild, so imagine how many you’ve lost – it would be almost the reverse, wouldn’t it?

    Hope this encourages you!





    I have just watched a butterfly struggle out of its its crysalis with crumpled wings, sadly. It was one of 3 late ones and I can’t think any of the causes mentioned apply. I have noticed very small yellow/orange aphid type insects infesting the plants in late summer and have tried to remove them. Don’t know if they affect the health of the plant and thus the caterpillars. I am wondering about taking in the last 2 crysalises, now that it is getting colder at night. Hopefully these 2 will be healthy.



    Hi Angie,

    Thanks for your input. I did change the pumpkin daily. Also, the “Pumpkin tree” (see thread) was outside, on my deck.

    Nobody around here uses any spray at all, except me. I use Roundup around the edges of my lawn (and the neighbours, he gives me a few dollars now and then for it).




    If you are using pumpkin, it is a good idea to give them freash everyday as the pumpkin will be rotting and they will be pooping all over it. Just think in Human terms would you get sick eating it? Keeping their food hygenic will help.

    The other think I have found, that if you have them inside the air seems to be dryer and dusty (fans, aircons,cooking fat, bug strays, purfume etc)airborne pollutants can have a big effect and a mist once a day keeps the shell clean.

    BTK spray – Btk (Bacillus Thuringiensis var Kurstaki bacterial spores)is commonly used in organic bug sprays
    If you are worried it is this spray check all surrounding home owners.



    Hmmm, a lot of the later butterflies that have emerged from the pumpkin tree have curled wings and a lot have had trouble getting out of their pupae. They’ve been getting stuck and I think the ones with curled wings are slow to get out and the wings are already ‘hardening’ before they’re fully expanded. I thought that it may be something to do with the fact that they were ‘finished’ on pumpkin but it could well be disease. Having them crowded like that would be ideal conditions for disease to spread.

    Interesting. I’d not considered disease before, thinking that it was most likely due to their diet. Thanks for bringing this to my attention Jacqui.


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