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    A butterfly fell of the plant just as it was hatching this morning, its wings have now dried whilst it was on the ground, so they have a curve rather than being straight.

    What is the best thing to do from here?

    located in Auckland.

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    In my experience, you only have a window of couple of minutes when you can be of any real help to them. Prevention is the best option.

    Give them something to climb on when they emerge or fall. They must be able to hang with the wings not touching anything.

    Cotton plant tie is very good.

    If they anchor themselves in silly places, like on walls, where there is nothing other than the chrysalis to hang on to, you can sellotape a strip of plant tie to the wall.

    You can tease the anchor off a flat surface with a toothpick. Practice on some empty ones first. Start about 15mm from the anchor and work your way in until you loosen off enough silk to twirl some onto the toothpick.

    If the weather forecast is for windy, give every ripe chrysalis a plant tie, or bring them indoors. I have them arranged on florist block on my coffee table, along with others that hung themselves in unsafe places like swan plant leaves. If I can’t bring them inside on a windy day, I’ll patrol the garden every five minutes when I think they are ready to emerge. I have had quite a few emerge onto my finger and dry their wings on my candelabra.

    When all that fails I stand on them 🙁 then do a round of the garden to make sure the rest of them are safe.

    I did manage to rescue one by pressing its wings in a book for an hour. The wings weren’t crumpled though, just not straight enough for flight. Once again, the plant tie came in handy to calm it down by giving it something to hang on to. I still had to trim off the wing tips as one was turned down and the other turned up, just enough to unbalance it. If you try this, do not press the wings together. They must have about 5 mm of pages between the wings to keep them straight.

    I hope this helps.




    Hi kkaydubb,

    If you search ‘crumpled wings’ in the search box up to the right-hand, you will find many posts on what advice others have had.

    Good luck – Jane

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